Sunday, June 28, 2009


A crash course in Molly-ese (pronounced: Mah-lese)

Bish = Fish, as in Goldfish
No My! = No ma'am - said to Mommy to exhibit displeasure with her words/behavior
No Suh! = No sir - said to Daddy to exhibit displeasure with his words/behavior
PEEES! = Please
Qak qak = Duck
Ionna___Daddy! = I want a _____ Daddy!  To which the answer is ALWAYS yes.
Ionna___Mommy! = I want a _____ Mommy!  The next comment out of Molly's mouth is then usually "No my!"
Sauce = Apple sauce
Mice = Mine.  There is no debating this statement.
Head down! = Put your head down & go to sleep b/c I am in charge.
I ni ni. = It is time for me to go to sleep now, please hurry up.
Ni ni = if said in Mommy & Daddy's room it means "Help me on the bed so I can jump on it!"
Jump = Jump, followed quickly by...
Fah Down! = Fall down!  This is fun by the way.
Side = It is now time to go play outside.  Stop what you are doing and take me to play.
Eat eat = I'm hungry!
Nilk = Milk
Shuice = Juice.  This is a demand and there is no debating it.
Shoes = Well, shoes.  This is said often & vehemently.
Boot = Foot.  This is what goes in the shoes.
Caillou! = This is her favorite cartoon.  She would watch the same episode 500 times in a row.
Aman = Action figure.  They are all Aman and she LOVES them.
Ewwww = I have a stinky diaper and require changing.
Buck = Buckle or Zip or Close or Snap
Unbuck = Unbuckle or Unzip or Open or Unsnap
Pap = Lap. This is a request and is not uttered often.  Cherish it!
Pip = Chip.  Again, a demand.
Wite = Wipe.  Everything gets wiped.  I hope this is a trend that continues...

This should get you started on your fluency in Molly-ese.  Stay tuned for your next lesson.


Kate said...

This is so lame Shannon. All kids have their own language. Why do you feel the need to post it?

Coincidentally, please don't visit my blog in the next couple of weeks. No reason. Really. I am NOT going to copy this idea at all. Why would you even think that I would? You don't know me! Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Stop judging!

Molly's mommy said...

I know Kate. I'm lame. And you want to be just like me!

Avery Tales said...

I love this. Jeffrey has obsession with shoes. It's one of his favorite words. This morning as I was leaving he wanted to make sure I was wearing shoes. Our new favorite word is raisins, although it sounds nothing like raisins and I have no idea how to spell his pronunciation of the word!

BrentandMarianne said...

i thought it was cute. esp. b/c we haven't seen her in awhile and know I will know what she is saying to me! :)