Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guess Who Gets Ice Dream!

So.... Molly had a big day at school today!  She went "potty" for the first time!  Now, we're not expecting it to happen again any time, soon, but here's to hoping!  Naturally, she got a big prize.  Most of you know that Mommy is a stickler for little to no sugar for baby, but there are some exceptions!  We went to Jason's Deli and had dinner, and of course got our FREE soft serve Ice Dream, or whatever it is.  Somebody liked it VERY VERY MUCH!

Here comes the first bite...

We've been trying to figure out how to get her to make a kissy face.  Now we know...
Who needs a spoon? 
Not when I've got a thumb!
Now, what you're NOT seeing is what happened when all the Ice Dream was gone.  It was not pretty, people.  Not pretty at all.  Thought you might enjoy the "Potty" Celebration!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

So this is the picture that did it.  I've been fighting the bloggy urge for months now.  I've been stubbornly holding my ground no matter what Kate said.  I've been feeling guilty that I haven't done a good job of keeping up with Molly's baby book.  I've used every excuse I could come up with to avoid starting a blog. And then this happened.  I had to share this one with everyone.  It's just too good.  And here's the story:

First breakfast: snack bar & milk
Second breakfast: raisins, peaches, whole wheat crackers, and milk
Third breakfast: more crackers
Fourth breakfast: eggs, bacon, milk & Merrells.

She'd eaten everything else in the house, okay?  We were out of food.  I hadn't been to the store yet, all right???  Nothing would satisfy her appetite!  I was at my wit's end... (sob, sob)

Okay, not really.  Molly really was eating Fourth breakfast (you would too if you could get away with it!).  She was wearing her shoes with her pj's and the next thing I knew her shoe was on her breakfast tray.  I love her precious little face and big, innocent, blue eyes, the fact that she's holding her fork and looks to be enjoying a perfectly normal breakfast.  And yes.  I totally let her eat the rest of her food with her shoe on her tray.  

Welcome to the pile up...