Sunday, May 31, 2009

Molly's new trick

So, the other day, Daniel was feeling poorly.  To put a fine point on it, the man had his tonsils out.  No fun!  But what this meant to me was that I had to get up early to get ready before Molly woke up.  That way, I could get her up, get her ready, and we could get out the door without waking up a puny Daddy.

Apparently, the little sucker knew I was up to something.  She woke up early.  And I guess I just left her in her crib too long, because this is what I found: (You can imagine my surprise!)

Elmo's Runny Nose

Apparently, Elmo had a runny nose.  And he's got a little nose, so it only takes a tiny bit of tissue, as you can see.

Molly takes GOOD care of Elmo! But...where did that tissue come from?

Hmmm, that couldn't have gotten there all by itself!

Everybody knows - tissue comes from...

...Mommy's bathroom!  (It was all Elmo's idea!)

Sweet Olivia

My friend Lurenda has asked that we all post about someone who has changed my life for the better.  This is in honor of her sweet Olivia who would have turned 3 this past Friday.  Her short life touched many, including me.  So, this is for you, Olivia.

I'd like to tell y'all about my sweet husband, Daniel.  He's brought so much to my life that I desperately needed and didn't even know that I wanted.  He has brought me friendship and love, wholeness and faithfulness.  He has brought me inspiration and has challenged me in ways that I couldn't imagine.  He is talented, witty, funny, insightful, smart, protective, strong, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, and big-hearted.  He is an amazing husband and incredible father.  He tolerates his increasingly neurotic wife, cares for his precious daughter, and sails the high seas of family dysfunction (mine & his) like a weathered sailor - cautious, determined, protective of his domain, but flexible to the waves.  I have learned so much from him and cherish his partnership and love.

Thanks Lu for asking us to acknowledge those we love.