Sunday, May 31, 2009

Elmo's Runny Nose

Apparently, Elmo had a runny nose.  And he's got a little nose, so it only takes a tiny bit of tissue, as you can see.

Molly takes GOOD care of Elmo! But...where did that tissue come from?

Hmmm, that couldn't have gotten there all by itself!

Everybody knows - tissue comes from...

...Mommy's bathroom!  (It was all Elmo's idea!)


Kate said...

This is a common "first timers" mistake. By the second one you will know that you can never, ever trust Elmo. Devious creature, that Elmo.

(so glad you found your blogger password.)

BrentandMarianne said...

this is too funny!

Meredith, mom of 2 under 2 said...

Oh my! All too familiar the pile of TP!