Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easter - Better late than never!

When you're so good at finding eggs, it makes it hard to hold on to them all!

Molly has, since Easter, named the lion "Grace" after one of her teachers at school.

Always in motion.  Always.

Please look at my incredibly hot husband.  It's really quite ridiculous just how hot he is.  
And could Molly be any more adorable???  I think not!
I'm not proud of them at all, by the way...


Kate said...

Yeah, he's pretty hot. I was trying to tempt him the other morning when he came by. I can't imagine why it didn't work. I mean, I was wearing a tank top with big belly hanging out, gray sweatpants, greasy hair and mascara under my eyes. Who wouldn't be tempted by that????

You're kind of pretty too.

Holly Browder said...

What a sweet family!