Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Hair Cut

Here we are before.  We went to Sweet & Sassy in Patton Creek.  We decided that it was best to have her sit in K's lap.  That usually cuts down on the screaming...for me too!
The first snip!  It was physically painful for Mommy & Daddy, but Molly didn't seem to mind.
BANGS!  How cute!

All done & adorable!
It was a fairly uneventful event.  Molly is a true little girl - loves having her hair done!


Kate said...

The time that has passed between you posting these pictures and the actual event is sufficient for her to need another haircut!

Molly's mommy said...

Too true. And she has gotten another one already. No pictures this time. And guess what! The next post will be Easter.

Better late than never.